Is Home Furnishings a Good Career Path?

You’re considering an occupation in the business of home furnishings Congratulations! With over 30000 home furnishing retailers across the U.S., and that number growing, it’s evident that home furnishings are an industry that is growing. Therefore, it’s common for people to think, is furniture a suitable career choice?’ since they’re looking to join the field.

I’m sure that you’ve been familiar with Martha Stewart. She’s certainly not the only one who is famous for her expertise in the field of home furnishings and interior decorating. There are many others who have made a name for themselves in the field. of this area, like Jackie Warner from Bravo’s “Workout” and host of the show on HGTV called “Restoring or Renovation.” Another name who is a part of the group Tommy Hilfiger, a stylish designer and fashionista.

If you’re thinking about a career in this area, this article can aid you. We will present to you some fascinating facts about the field and explain why you should consider the career path you want to pursue.

What Is Home Furnishing

Home furnishings are that refers to everything from bedding and furniture to cooking tools and dishware that can be used to make homes or apartment feel more like an actual home. They include art, furniture carpets, rugs, window treatment and bedding as well as other accessories.

With the growing need for modern homes, residents as well as restaurants, offices and hotels are looking for people who are creative and have special eyes to beautify their homes and spaces to reflect their personal style and individuality. There is a growing demand for interior designers, those who work in various roles in the field of home furnishings.

What Do Workers In the Home Furnishings Do?

There are many job posts in the business and the responsibilities of each one. But, they’re all working to bring elegance and sophistication in the inside of any structure. It could be commercial, residential hotels, restaurants, or hotels.

There are many opportunities in the field of furniture for homes. If you’ve got a flair for style, you could become a designer in interior design and decoration or even become a stylist. If you’re more interested repairs and renovations to furniture there are many possibilities too. If you’re just looking working using your hands to create a beautiful appearance think about something like welding or woodworking (which is used in a variety of ways for both commercial and residential contexts).

Is Home Furnishings A Good Career Path; How Many Jobs Are There?

It’s ok to think whether there are any jobs in the home furnishing sector and what sort of position is best to aim for. There are a lot of jobs available in this sector, with each specific to the job duties. While some of these jobs are very lucrative however, there are others that pay a decent amount.

In the final portion of this post in the next section, we’ll continue looking at a few high-paying jobs within furniture for homes. However, for now, let’s take a look at the opportunities that are available in this field.

#1: Interior designer

Of course, it is the most frequent job in the field and also one of the most lucrative. Designers are in demand. So what exactly do the interior design professionals do? They take into consideration what customers want and come up with designs that fit the tastes of such the customer.

While you may be able to earn a degree in order to be an interior decorator, there’s numerous informal courses that will start you off on the direction of. The thing to remember is the fact that, with more knowledge and experience accumulate and the more well-known you’ll become.

#2: Sales Manager

A sales manager is accountable to analyze financial goals and various other aspects related to sales. This includes monitoring sales, efficiency, as well as profits. Sales managers’ role is crucial in the business and there’s always plenty of work needed to be completed.

#3 Space planner

They are in charge of interacting with and meeting customers. Their job is like the job as an interior design professional. They must also be able to spot good designs and understand how to work well with their clients in order to satisfy their desires. A space planner must be able to comprehend the space they are planning and how to determine the measurements of space.

#4: Residential furniture salesperson

It is the most popular method by how people get into the professional sector. You could become an agent for sales in a home furnishing shop or in a showroom. You will be in charge of meeting with new customers and getting to know their requirements and what furniture they require. You’ll also have to recommend appropriate furniture that meets the needs of your customers.

One of the advantages of being a furniture salesperson in the residential sector can be that you do not require special training to be able to enter. You just need a few sales and customer service abilities.

#5: Furniture technicians

They are the most important individuals within the home furnishing business. They collaborate with retailers and are typically the ones responsible for promoting production. It is possible that you will need an education or a degree in Wood Science and Forestry to be able to work for a technician of furniture. However certain companies may require to have certain levels of prior experience.

#6: Freight/material mover

We’re not sure we can wrap the section without mentioning a few positions that are entry-level in the field. Many people are asking”is home furniture an excellent career choice? they’d like to know the most common jobs they can get jobs in.

Freight/material mover help transport furniture from factories to warehouses and stores. They also transport them from the stores to customers’ home. They are a significant company in the business too. They are the ones accountable for loading, moving in, putting up, loading, and moving the furniture within the business. So, it is essential that you be physically fit and have the ability to lift and transport massive, heavy objects.

Is Home Furnishing A Good Career Path?

  • Security of work: The home furnishings sector is among the industries that is stable across the country, and there are no indication of a recession in sight.
  • High pay: Not only will you earn an excellent salary, but there are many chances to advance, which can result in more money in your pockets.
  • Life balance Are you looking to find a job that will allow you to enjoy time with your loved ones and family and earn enough money to pay for bills and purchase things such as food without worrying about whether or not you’ll be capable of affording the furniture in your home, then this is the right job for you!
  • A pleasant working environment The majority of businesses in this sector provide an environment that is comfortable and makes employees feel comfortable and relax at work even when there’s no sales call or putting together displays at local events (or even travelling).

Since these businesses understand the importance of ensuring for their employees to feel satisfied and productive even when they’re working all hours, they provide benefits like complimentary meals during business hours, or discounts on items that are sold within the company’s boundaries (and occasionally outside as well).

  • You are able to progress to a position of leadership If you are just starting with the home furnishings industry, you are able to work to advance to an executive position. There are a variety of jobs available in the home furnishings industry that range from sales associates and marketing executives. The time needed to be a leader differs dependent on the location you’re working and the type of job you’re performing.

These benefits might seem insignificant but when accumulated over time, they can become important, especially considering that many individuals work part-time after graduating from college, then moving to full-time after they’ve gained enough work experience.

What Is the Educational Requirement for Getting a Job in Home Furnishings?

If you want to work in the field of home furnishings, you’ll require education in business and design. You can receive formal education at the community college or at a university. For instance, if you’d like to work as an interior designer then you’ll require a bachelor’s degree in drawing, interior design as well as computer-aided design (CAD). Additionally, you will require communication abilities.

Are home furnishings a viable career choice? The highest paying jobs in the field

In case one of your worries is the compensation in the business is, then you should get. If so, you may be interested in looking at some of the most lucrative positions available. A few of them include:

  • Space planners. They make an average annual salary of $64,723
  • Operations manager. They can earn as much as the average of $63,540 a year
  • Interior designers. They make an average of $49800 per year, or about $23.95 per hour.
  • Furniture technicians. As a furniture technician you can make on average $43,430 each year.
  • Consultant in home furnishing. As a consultant for home furnishings you can earn up to $34,255 a year. This is roughly $16.47 per hour.

How to Get Started In Home Furnishing

Finally, on the subject of “is home furnishings a viable career option?’ we’ll discuss ways to start your career in the field. The field of home furnishings is an excellent job option because it is possible to begin your career in a variety of ways. The most typical method to start is to get a job in a retail shop. You can also work at home and furnishing stores while at school.

If you’re not at the school system, there are various jobs you can choose from in home furnishings stores. For instance, if you’re looking to become an interior designer, and ensure that all furniture looks nice in every space, this might be a great job to follow your career.

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