Top 10 Project Management Companies

A new change is witnessed in Project Management Companies in India, primarily due to recent technological trends and strategies. New technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also utilized in the best project management companies in India. The daily tasks are performed with the execution of such advances and human effort.

The evolution of the company best for project manager in India has also brought hybrid project management into the limelight. These projects are performed differently and do not function on the same methodology. They focus on all aspects such as management, communication, tasks and people, and creating the right business choices for all. This can be realized as the main reason behind the popularity of hybrid project management. Programs and degrees like the online Project Management certification program is an ideal choice to learn more about such hybrid projects and the top companies hiring project managers in India. 

List of Top 10 Project Management Companies in India  

Here is the list of the top project management companies in India:

1. InfoEdge 

InfoEdge is one of the premier institutions in India when it comes to project management. The company works in various fields such as matrimony, recruitment, education and other related services. The salary provided by the company ranges from Rs. 3.6 LPA to Rs 9.3 LPA according to the designated profession. InfoEdge functions as a public industry, based totally on the internet.

2. Genpact

Genpact as a company focuses mainly on delivering outcomes that can change the business and create a sustainable future. The average annual salary in the company ranges from around Rs. 6.1 Lakhs. The professional IT sector in India currently has a company size of over 4 billion people.

3. Amazon

The public company Amazon is currently referred to as a company that is limited by shares. One of the most renowned project management companies in India, Amazon has delivered to both Tier 2 and Tier 3 efficiently. The salary range falls from around Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 210 Lakhs on an annual basis.

4. Wipro

This particular conglomerate industry is highly known for its IT, consulting and business processes services. The company size is around 2,31,671 and provides an average annual salary of Rs. 4.9lakhs to Rs. 494.4lakhs.

5. Accenture

The consulting company, Accenture focuses on technology, operations, and digital agencies. The company size ranges from over 710,000 people and has an average annual salary of over 9lakhs to Rs. 394.8lakhs.

6. TCS

The public IT industry-based company, Tata Consultancy Services brings about a huge scope of innovation and business solutions. Having across 4 lakhs plus employees, TCS provides an average annual salary of over Rs. 2.7 lakhs to Rs. 5.5 lakhs.

7. Capgemini

Capgemini can be regarded as one of the product management companies in India that deals with technology, consultation and outsourcing resources. The company size is over 3lakhs plus people, having an annual salary range of over Rs. 3lakhs to Rs. 1.8 crores.

8. IBM

International Business Machines Corporations has been a highly innovative IT industry both nationally as well as internationally. Having over 2 lakh plus employees, it can be ranged as one of the best project management companies in India with an average annual salary of over Rs. 9.6 lakhs.

9. Deloitte

Understood as a hybrid industry, Deloitte provides a plethora of opportunities when it comes to audit, consultation, risk and financial advisory. Having a company size of over 245,000 employees, the company offers an annual salary range of over Rs. 387,636 to Rs. 2,068,919.

10. Verizon

Verizon Communications is one of the largest communication technology industries in India. The company size ranges from over 7,000 employees having an average annual salary of over Rs. 2.1 lakhs to Rs. 95.4 lakhs.

What do Project Management Companies do?  

Project Management has always played an important function when it comes to business. They focus on various tools and methods required to administer and execute projects efficiently and effectively. The best project companies in India other than these roles, also support certain other specific techniques, which are as follows:

1. Focus on Environment  

Understanding the client’s business environment to manage projects strategically.

2. Management with Various Actors  

Coordinating with both public and private stakeholders, from various organizations.

3. Understanding Aims and Objectives  

Managing the aims and objectives of projects which can be easily achievable.

4. Creating Schedules  

Maintaining schedules to keep a track of time and budget.

5. Creating New Relations  

Developing corporate relations with both clients as well as associates.

6. Application of Technical Skills  

Applying skills that are both theoretical and practical, leads to greater efficiency in the projects.

7. Having an Organized Team  

Maintaining high-level team performance, creating greater productivity. If these rules are maintained, it will get easier to sort out an essential list of project management companies in India. Going for PMP course can also turn things easier with regard to figuring out the best companies for project managers in India.

Importance of Project Management Companies  

Project Management Companies in India go by this rule book to achieve major successful endeavors:

1. Maintaining a Strategic Alignment 

Project management can be regarded as important because it guarantees what is delivered and offers many opportunities. The strategies and goals of every client are solved by such projects. A sign of good project management means having closely aligned strategic goals in the business.

2. Leadership Skills 

Project management ideally brings about a sense of leadership and efficiency in every project. It successfully removes various roadblocks, inspires, and provides a direction to achieve the best results. A line of control is maintained as the project is managed, regardless of its success or failure.

3. Proper Aims and Objectives 

Several projects nowadays seem to lack an objective which leads to undefined management of a business. Having foresight can provide a strategy for the business, allowing it to have overarching success. Even if proper aims are not maintained, objectives must be refocused to gain greater productivity, leading the rise to the best companies to work for project managers in India.

4. Quality Control 

Project management companies in India keep a fine check on the quality of the delivered products, maintaining a level of consistency. As projects go through enormous pressure for completion, a responsible project manager can manage the executions and tight schedules, hence leading to a good, desired quality of the products. Essentials such as time and budget are also required to assess the quality and applicability of the products.

5. Management of Risk 

Risk management can be understood as one of the essential steps of project management. It is important to analyze and work on the potential risks attached to the project. Knowing the correct risk measures can help to identify and resolve risks early.

Highest Paying Companies for Project Managers

Other than the above-mentioned companies and their salaries, India also consists of various other companies with the highest pay scales:

1. Cognizant 

Cognizant, one of the best project management companies in India, offers an average annual salary of over Rs. 3.9 lakhs.

2. Infosys 

Known for its IT consulting services, Infosys offers an annual salary package of over Rs. 3.4 lakhs.

3.Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra offers an amazing digital and innovative customer-centric experience with an average salary of Rs. 1.8 lakhs per annum.

4. HCL Technologies 

Considered the next generation global technological company, HCL technologies is one of the best project management companies in India which has high levels of innovative strategies and objectives. The annual average salary package of HCL technologies is over Rs. 2.4 lakhs.

5. Accenture 

Providing an annual salary package of over Rs. 3.9 lakhs, Accenture focuses mainly on digital and cloud security.

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How to Choose the Right Project Management Company?  

To be a part of the best project management companies in India, here are a few rules you might keep in mind:

1. Checking Profile of the Desired Consultancy Company 

The first thing that must be kept in mind is the ability to understand the specific requirements you have from this company. Identifying and understanding the precise aims and objectives is the probable solution in this case. Even if you find one which matches your requirements, go through other profiles as well as it would bring about a sense of clarity.

2. Enquire Related to the Services Offered 

Having an effective level of support and consistency should be certain services that must be offered by various companies. Even if they do not have your requirements, try to learn about the provided accounts for better comparison.

3. Reliability Towards the Company 

If you are looking for the best companies for project managers in India, reliability should be an essential factor. Comprehension of project requirements and understanding the scope will deliver essential solutions.

4. Learn About the Past Experiences

Thorough knowledge related to the company’s past experiences can help you to reap better solutions. Enquiring various firms will make you realize their working functions, objectives and projects they have worked on previously. This will also help you identify which skills you require to be a part of the company.

5. Communicative Skills

Choose a management firm that would communicate all the necessary information. The company should check whether you have a complete understanding of the assigned projects, be it individual or teamwork. There should also be a sense of transparency when clearing your doubts with senior managers. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course can help you to identify these conditions, leading to better results.

Responsibilities After Being Hired by Top Companies in India for Project Managers  

Project managers support certain conditions once they are a part of the best project management companies in India. The following are: 

1. Development of Project Plans 

The role of a project manager is to plan out the objectives and maintain a schedule to work out the strategies. They also keep in mind the business goals which are mainly a part of the competition. 

2. Organization of the Team 

The creation and management of a team is also another major role of a manager. It is necessary to have interpersonal skills such as quality assessment of each member and communication. After a team is selected, plans are developed to reach the major goals.

3. Implementation of Plans 

Coordination of plans leads to efficient working processes and understanding the progress in terms of business. In this case, the manager has to ensure an effective level of collaboration among the clients and the stakeholders. This shows that everybody has received the same information, hence, leading to a hassle-free situation. 

4. Management of Time and Risks 

This factor prevails in every organization, and it is the role of project manager to come up with potential solutions. Also, it is important for the project manager to be punctual as strong deadlines are put when it comes to implementing business strategies.

5. Documentation of Project Reports 

Every activity of the team members is documented by the project manager. The entire project along with reports is also documented by this particular employee. The final report focuses on project tasks, essential resources and problems faced by the whole team. It is also his/her duty to provide recommendations for future projects.


Project Management as a profession can be regarded as ideal due to its “one size fits all” nature. To prepare for the job role, KnowledgeHut best Project Management course is exactly what you require. This program will not only help you to understand the basics of project management but also make you eligible to apply to the top project management companies in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. Is Project Management in demand?  

Yes, there is a major demand for project managers due to the rapid change in technology. It is said that this particular profession can outperform various jobs in the upcoming years.

2. Can Project Management make 6 figures?  

Yes, it is possible for employees having 1-4 years to receive a salary in 6 figures. The salary will increase with more prior experience.

3. Which company is best for project management?  

It is unfair to name one company as the best project management company in India. However, IBM currently has the No.1 ranking when it comes to project management.

4. Which industries pay project managers the highest salaries?  

Engineer project managers are the ones who receive the highest salaries in India. The salaries can start from upper ninety thousand to one hundred and eighty thousand lakhs per annum.

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